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Efficiency, Economic Performance and Financial Leverage of Agribusiness Marketing Co-operatives in Canada

Getu Hailu, Scott R. Jeffrey, Ellen W. Goddard


The agribusiness co-operative sector in Canada has been affected by ongoing changes in economic, political, and social policies. Increased competition from local investor-owned firms and multinational companies, deregulation and globalization of trade and increased concentration of suppliers and purchasers have put tremendous competitive pressure on agribusiness marketing co-operatives. The enhanced level of competitive rivalry may force co-operatives into lowering costs and prices. Improvement in cost or operating efficiency of agribusiness marketing co-operatives may be crucial as changes in regulation, technology, and other market developments bring into question the long-term viability of co-operative businesses. Therefore, information as to the efficiency with which agribusiness co-operative firms operate would be useful.

Publication: Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory and Labor-Managed Firms
Date: January, 2007
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