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Empirical Analysis of Corn and Soybean Basis in Canada

Getu Hailu, Alex Maynard, Alfons Weersink


The article examines the factors affecting the basis for corn and soybeans using several time-series techniques to account for potential structural breaks, seasonality, residual serial correlation and structural breaks, as well as potential endogeneity and nonstationarity. The spatio-temporal empirical framework is based on storage and trade theories which assume the relationship between nondelivery location’s spot price and futures price of a storable commodity depends on opportunity cost of capital, warehousing costs, a convenience yield and shipping costs. The interest rate effect is strong for both crops with shipping costs also affecting soybean basis and own inventory levels positively correlated with corn basis. The effect of the wedge between the price of carrying physical grain and the maximum storage rate on basis is positive for both crops. The empirical results, which are robust to multiple estimators, provide stronger evidence of a structural break for the soybean basis than for the corn basis.

Publication:Applied Economics 47(51): 5491-5509
Date: June, 2015

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